Surveys & Polling

Knowing your audience is the first step toward getting their votes. Our services will help you find your demographic, your current supporters, and your target audience so you can make sure your advertising and media dollars are spent effectively.


Our goal is to offer you the best service at the best cost. We are dedicated to working with your team to get the most out of a survey so you can strengthen your connection with potential voters. With the re-districting of the congressional and legislative districts, the voter demographics and voting preferences of districts have changed. Our surveys will enable you to get an accurate analysis of your districts, so you can promote your campaign in a strategic manner.


Getting fast, accurate, scientific polling data at an affordable rate can give your campaign the edge it needs in a competitive race or give your Political PAC the additional support in microtargeting voter preferences. We offer both automated and live polling. Research has found that automated polling encourages more honesty in the respondents. This allows for the most accurate information and therefore is the most beneficial to your campaign. We use the latest IVR technology in preforming our automated surveys so that they are fast and accurate. Each of our surveys comes complete with crosstabs and graphs, giving you complete access to the wealth of information the poll can provide.

Polling Deliverables

Your survey will include the following services:

  • Project planning
  • Questionnaire design, consultation, and drafting
  • Design and management of the survey
  • Sample preparation
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Annotated questionnaires with aggregated results
  • Cross tabulations and data preparation
  • Data analysis
  • Written report including strategic recommendations
  • Presentation of findings

Types of Polling Services

  • Automated polls (IVR)
  • Live calling surveys
  • Benchmark surveys
  • Benchmark follow-up surveys
  • Panel surveys
  • Post-media surveys
  • Focus Groups – online or in person/ one-on-one research
  • One-on-one research
  • Post-election analysis
  • Email surveys
  • Online polling
  • Message testing