Brian Oster


Brian Oster - Creative Director

Brian Oster has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing and is the creative director at Strive managing their dynamic campaign materials which help win elections. He hopes to help candidates tell a more creative and interactive story with their political campaigns by creating websites, digital ads, television spots, and print media that are a combination of engaging, disruptive, and educational. He loves to find what is unique about each voter, whether 18 or 95, and tell a story that will move them toward participation, toward support. In the 2016-2017 election season, Brian helped Strive candidates win four out of five elections.

After graduating from Augustana College with a B.A. in Marketing and Public Administration, Brian immediately joined the mayoral election team in his hometown of Warrenville as the communications director, helping her to win re-election. Since then, he has been involved in several grassroots movements, and served on the board of several nonprofit organizations in his community, including serving as Vice Chair of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce. His political roots go all the way back to 5th grade, when he won the Citizenship Award of the Year. When he isn’t working to help Strive candidates tell stories about why they are running and the truth behind their passion, Brian is working as creative director and president of OC Creative, where he and his award-winning team of creative vigilantes make magic happen every day.

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