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Strive produces high-quality television, radio, and digital advertising. We also provide on-demand audio and video production, post-production, and GOTV phone messaging.

We work around the clock during demanding election cycles with to produce political advertising that is timely, relevant and captures voters' attention.

Political advertisers have virtually limitless channels to reach voters with their message, and Strive productions cut through the clutter to genuinely connect with voters—wherever they may be—promoting your position, increasing support, and winning your campaign.

With media optimized for each intended platform, your message will reach voters cleanly and clearly and our secure FTP ensures your media files are available to you and your team anywhere, anytime.


You don’t need a Hollywood-sized budget to get a great looking video. With the costs of video production and delivery falling drastically due to technology, campaigns of all sizes are working video in their voter marketing strategies. Strive offers full range video production service to help you compete in this increasingly affordable arena.

From pre-production planning through post-production, Strive’s group of seasoned pros will ensure your video meets the highest expectations, standing out among your competitors.

Production Planning

Our video production service starts with strategy, first working with you to understand your goals and identify those video platforms with the highest potential to reach your audience. Next, we craft the most compelling message to engage your audience; then, outline a budget and finally, assemble the team to create your project.

Media Collection

Gathering the essential media to produce your video, including footage, images, sound, and voiceover, we produce a video tailored to your needs, whether you prefer an original video shoot, work from stock film, or have footage on hand for our use.


In post, our producers harmonize all elements into a compelling whole using color grading, sound design, transitions, and motion graphics then format your video for any viewing vehicle.

Video Production Services:



Video Shoots

Post Production

Audio Post


Color Grading

Motion Graphics


Strive Strategies Service Map


No matter the project, great sound is essential and Strive’s high-quality sound comes from an audio production team with a passion for creative recording that ensures people hear your message without distraction.

Audio Production Services:

Audio Post

Audio Recording


Dialogue Cleanup and Repair

In-House Marketing

IVR Voice Prompts

Location Recording


Professional Voiceovers

Radio Commercials

Sound Design

Streaming Radio Ads

Striving for clean, clear audio throughout the production process, we prepare your audio for the medium in which it will be heard, and offer sound editing, design and scoring for TV and Radio. With our in-house production department, we offer rapid turnaround on edits and revisions.


Quality design works because it makes you look professional, and that you care to invest in your mission.

Beyond attracting attention, professional design provides a call to action, encouraging viewers to call, donate, and vote.

Whether an abstract logo or artistic poster, our graphic designers’ expertise and technique imbue images with meaning, cutting a design to convey your desired message.

Strive’s creative team will create great graphic materials for you, including:

Logos & Branding
Postcards & Mailers
Digital Display Advertising

Specializing in performance-based campaigns, we understand our developed creative is only as good as the response it elicits, and our design team creates graphics specifically designed to drive that response for you. We will closely with you to develop the most effective call to actions and our creative team continually updates creatives while monitoring responses with our media team.

With experience getting the most out of limited marketing budgets, especially for campaigns and non-profits, we produce attention grabbing media that quickly conveys your message and creates your desired response.

Call Strive today to discuss your production needs.

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