Strategic Communications

Strive strategies believes in the fundamentals of communications

Communications as an activity is a targetable tactic used to reach strategic audiences, and certain immutable rules apply.

#1: In the public square, “Truth” is what the people believe it to be, and it is practically impossible to change what people think to be true.

#2: In the world of public communication, cognitive dissonance reigns – People like flattery, but can smell a fake; they want value, but avoid cost.

The way you present your case to the public must account for these first principles of communicating in a politicized context and how people hear your argument matters as much as the argument itself.


#3: A winning message strategy will have your targeted audience posing the question you want asked with the resulting answer being your position is the affirmative, and your opponent’s is the negative.

#4: No matter the arena – public or private – shared concern plus unique quality equals emotional connection.

Whether communicating on Issue, Idea, or Value, our professional approach to message development and delivery is powered by top-level assessment of the sociological ecosystem as it affects the political, policy, and business climate.

Strive excels at finding the unique qualities of our clients and connecting them to issues voters care about in a direct and personal way so their message can prevail.


Our Public Relations experts will help you achieve your PR goals by translating your work into a clear, compelling story and then ensuring that story is distributed through multiple channels for the biggest strategic impact.

We can help you articulate your story in a way that persuades and moves, and then we work to develop messaging, talking points, and briefing materials to tell it with impact.

We utilize our media contacts and relationships to earn media coverage for our clients across print, online, and broadcast media, through both targeted placement and mainstream coverage.

We will provide a thoughtfully designed PR program that in execution becomes a strategic communications tool. In addition to being able to provide you with a full PR program, we offer many PR services including:

Advertising Campaign Development

Brand Development

Communication Planning / Program Execution

Crisis Response Management

Data Collection / Micro-Targeting

Earned Media Programs

Institutional Strategic Positioning

Issue Advocacy Research

Media Monitoring

Media Relations Training

Mobile Device Integration

Paid Media Programs

Strategic Social Media Programs

Targeted Stakeholder Outreach

Visual Communications

Web Development

Writing, Editing, and Content Creation


Our team specializes in communication strategies for business and not-for-profits, political advocacy, campaigns, and public education. In this new era of public engagement, consumers demand a dialogue, and expect you to empower them as they interact with your brand online or in person or through experiential marketing. Harnessing tailored solutions with precise execution, our team pairs innovative digital strategies with new and conventional marketing tactics to ensure that your target market is responding with the intended outcomes.

#5: These truisms are amplified to a greater magnitude in times of crisis.

If you find yourself in a politicized conversation and need to take control, or are intentionally entering the debate as a candidate, Strive’s communications strategists and tacticians can help guide you to success.

Ready to connect with a culture of excellence?

Ready to connect with a culture of excellence?

First a conversation. Then the world.

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